A Glass & a Half
Little Miss Memory Lane


Nov 18, 2016 Blog , , Comments are off

I awoke one Friday morning from a dream about Flakes.

It was a good dream. It wasn’t the first time I had dreamt of Cadbury. Being the loyal fan that I am it often makes its way into my subconscious. I have woken from a daze delighted (yet disappointed) having found the chocolate bars on special for 20c and grabbing trollies, filling them to the brim Supermarket Sweep style. I have been told by more than one person, on confessing that I feel a sense of safety and security if I have a chocolate bar in my handbag, that I have a serious problem. I have travelled overseas bringing back rusty old Cadbury Cocoa tins as my souvenirs. Wrappers have been smoothed out and pressed in the pages of travel diaries and I still rip into the back of a family block, pretending I am Charlie Bucket and I’m looking for a golden ticket.

A block is the best value, a box of Roses a lot of fun, Milk Tray is decadence and the bars, while providing variety, are never quite enough. Flakes in particular are an intriguing chocolate. Loved by many as one of the earlier Cadbury bars, they are crumbly, flakey and romantic.  Who can forget the passion and adoration of the 1986 Flake commercial? The plantation, the 80s makeup and fashion, the mystic of the courtship and the midday-movie style jingle makes me love this ad. It did what it was meant to do, and 30 years later every time I see it I still want to go out and buy a Flake and eat it. And eat it all delicately and lady-like too, not just shove it in my gob with a myum, myum, myum; pouring the remaining crumbs from the packet funnel style into my tipped back head, mouth wide-open.

But alas, I feel that the Flake, more often than not, gets the flick for its ‘sturdier’ and less likely to lose-it-as-a-crumbling-mess-on-the-ground sister bar, the Twirl. With a Flake, one is often left facing the dilemma of whether it is appropriate to eat chocolate from the floor (totally acceptable). And, with the Flake being the leader of the responsible, portion-controlled bars, at 30grams there are many more bars on the market now where you can get much more chocolatey goodness for your buck.

Anyway… * she shakes her head to free herself from the chocolate reverie* …my point is that my need for chocolate is encouraged by the shared addiction of my nocturnal subconscious. And that’s all it takes. A dream about chocolate and I’m suddenly trawling the confectionary aisles of the local supermarkets looking to see who has the best Two For deal on family blocks. Or I find myself always on the lookout for keepsakes, my eyes drawn to the glass and a half of dairy milk goodness logo. The old signs, the vintage boxes, the wrappers and the tins. Like any true fan collecting memorabilia it wasn’t hard to miss this little beauty in Shop 57.

I will never to fail to believe that the glass and a half, makes for a glass half full.

– Little Miss Memory Lane

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