A PAC Proposal


Jun 23, 2015 Blog , Comments are off

His code name was “Violin” and the Centre staff were on the lookout. They were in on the secret. As soon as the couple arrived hushed whispers of “Violin” went from staff to staff.

Earlier that day, Simo had planted a locked box amongst the stock of one the shops in the Paddington Antique Centre. The box was locked. Inside he had cleverly placed a love letter. Written in old script, it was hidden beneath a false bottom for his girlfriend, Elle, to discover.

Together they brought the vintage box to the counter, asking where the key was to unlock it. Staff, played their part and said that the key had been lost. Perhaps he could pick the lock?

Simo said that he could do that, and he and Elle promptly left with the box and a subtle wink of his eye at the staff.

The box was picked at home, where Elle discovered the seemingly historic letter. While she was reading it, he dropped a Chocolate Diamond Engagement ring into the box.

And she said “YES!!!!”

Congratulations Simon & Elle. May your future together be happy and always filled with suprises!

Simo & Elle