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If you are a fan of The Block you would have seen that copper is back. We saw it in the form of the love-it-or hate-it copper bedroom wall last season and in the season that finished last night, the trend continued with copper based coffee tables, pendant lights and bathroom fixtures.

The copper wall. Image courtesy of

The copper wall. Image courtesy of

The reality is, copper has been around forever and it has played an essential role in many civilizations from the ancient Egyptians, Romans and modern day cultures around the world.

In its more recent history, and one which I recall, copper took the form one and two cent coins, cooking moulds and relief artworks. I am fairly confident that somewhere in the depths of my parent’s shed, there are 1980s kid’s DIY versions of the popped copper reliefs; still life pineapples and pussy cats with balls of yarn. Dig a bit deeper and you would probably stumble across the hatstand with glimmering copper hooks. I saved up my part time job earnings to buy that hatstand. I got it at, you guessed it, Copperart.

The latest homewares catalogues and magazines are full of copper inspired decorator items. There is no denying it, copper is all the rage once again. We are in the midst of a decorating trend that sees modern mixed with antique. Hard edges softened by floral fabrics, linen and sheer curtains, and polished metals like copper add the element of glamour and luxury.

If you are looking for a bit of copper to incorporate into your home, Shop 25 The Cloche Hat is one of the best when it comes to sourcing copper items. Tea pots, saucepans, measuring spoons, lamps, and measures. Definitely worth a look if you are not only searching for the latest decorator trend, but also a bit of history.


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