PAC 30th Birthday Photography Exhibition


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Photo Comp

Our This is Paddington photography competition was a great success and a wonderful way to help celebrate the Centre’s 30th birthday. Thank you to all those who entered and to our judges Martin & Jan Jorgensen for their expertise in critiquing and selecting our winners. The images contributed made for a fabulous display at our 30th birthday weekend along with historic images of Paddington and a description of the Plaza Theatre’s story.

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First Prize. "This is Paddington" Kalyanii Holden.

First Prize.
“This is Paddington”
Kalyanii Holden.

Tied Second Prize. "Antiques on the Corner" FionaLindgren

Tied Second Prize.
“Antiques on the Corner”

Tied Second Prize. "This is Paddington" Georgia Eaton

Tied Second Prize.
“This is Paddington”
Georgia Eaton

Kerri Gerhardt "Times Gone Past - Paddington Trams"

Kerri Gerhardt
“Times Gone Past – Paddington Trams”

Finn Lindgren "The Houses of Paddington"

Finn Lindgren
“Paddington’s Water Tower”

Kylie Zimanyi "This is Paddington"

Kylie Zimanyi
“This is Paddington”

Marcel Lip "Community Roots"

Marcel Lip
“Community Roots”

Sophia Dines "White Chimney"

Sophia Dines
“White Chimney”

Penelope Whiteway "The Water Tower"

Penelope Whiteway
“The Water Tower”

Scott Hardcastle "This is Paddington"

Scott Hardcastle
“This is Paddington”

Russel Eaton "This is Paddington"

Russel Eaton
“This is Paddington”

Rosslyn Baynes "By the Light"

Rosslyn Baynes
“By the Light”

Kylie Boag "This is Paddington"

Kylie Boag
“This is Paddington”

Tom Adeney "My Daughter at the Antiques Barn"

Tom Adeney
“My Daughter at the Antiques Barn”

Jenny Watson "Round the Corner"

Jenny Watson
“Round the Corner”

Ed Eaton "This is Paddington"

Ed Eaton
“This is Paddington”

Finn Lindgren "Ithaca Town War Memorial - The Great War"

Tim Lindgren
“Ithaca Town War Memorial – The Great War”

Mark Watson "This is Paddington"

Mark Watson
“In Memory of Times Past”

Nigel Carter "This is Paddington"

Nigel Carter
“This is Paddington”

Anthony Robinson "This is Paddington"

Anthony Robinson
“This is Paddington”

Alyce Eaton "This is Paddington"

Alyce Eaton
“This is Paddington”

Michelle Pocknee "This is Paddington"

Michelle Pocknee
“This is Paddington”